Yearbook Planning

Yearbook Planning

Keeping track of what stage everything is at is a huge task and one that is easier if it is properly planned.

Consider the following:
  • If you can, gather a team of student helpers or staff who can assist you throughout the year with taking photos, gathering content from other contributors, and also writing content. There may be one or two staff members or even parents who are keen photographers who you can ask to photograph certain events.
  • Create a calendar of all the events that you are including in the yearbook. Set reminders for yourself to arrange someone to photograph the event, and also to write an article about it. Once the event has happened, follow up promptly with the contributors – the more articles you can get done earlier in the year, the better!
  • When taking photos, make sure that the highest resolution or quality is selected; that the date and time function is disabled; and red-eye reduction is enabled when using a flash. Please be aware that uploading photos to social media may automatically reduce the file size and make them unusable for the yearbook.
  • Use software like Excel or Trello to keep track of information such as:
    • Which articles you have allocated to whom, including their deadline and page allocation
    • Which articles are still to be allocated
    • Which events have happened and which are still to happen
    • Which articles are due soon
    • Which articles are overdue
    • Which articles you have received
    • Which articles have been proofread and checked
  • Create a directory on a shared drive so that contributors can access it easily
  • Give very clear instructions to contributors. The clearer the instructions the more likely the staff/student will deliver what is required.

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