What Content Should I Include in the Yearbook?

What Content Should I Include in the Yearbook?

If You Have an Existing Yearbook

Set aside some time early on to figure out how you can improve on the previous year: 
  • Have any of the events/activities changed from the previous year?
  • Was there any feedback from staff/students/parents about the content, for example, was there anything missing, was it too short/too long, not enough of something?
  • Does any new information need to be included, such as adding information from each faculty?
  • Can anything be discarded, for example, junior prizegiving results?

If You are Starting from Scratch

Starting from scratch can be daunting, but it's much easier if you plan it out:
  • Look at your school calendar and see which major events will need to be covered.
  • Look at other school yearbooks for inspiration.

Common articles are:
  • Reports: Principal’s message, messages from head students etc 
  • General school news/future plans
  • Houses class group photos or individual student portrait photos
  • Academic areas
  • Camps and trips
  • Performing arts
  • Sport
  • Student achievements

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