Student portrait photos (People Pages)

Student portrait photos (People Pages)

Getting Started

  • From the page designer on the bottom left panel click on the button “People Pages”
For each step there are quick video tutorials to help you through the stages in creating your People Pages. We recommend you preview each video if you are not sure what to do.
  • A popup will appear with 3 tabs:
    • Manage - Upload your student data and portraits.  Manage any duplicates you may have and add new students with ease.
    • Organize - Choose how you would like to organize your people pages groups.
    • Preview - See the people that will flow in the group and click and drag your templates to your pages.

1. Manage Your People

Click on the “Browse Files” button and browse for your index file on your computer. If you haven’t already done so you may create a category for your people pages and upload your photos. 

If you had the photos professionally taken, your photographer usually provides a CD with these photos for you to use. The photo format should be JPG and the resolution should be at least 300 dpi.  Your data file should be a .txt document which will also be provided by your photographer.  The data file contains the necessary information to match the photos with the student names. (ie: first name, last name, grade, teacher, photo file name, and custom.)

Next you will need to assign your columns according to your data file. Once you upload your data file the photo file name should already be assigned to a column. This is the most crucial step when uploading your index file. Your photo file name must show the name of the file with .jpg at the end. (ie: 00027.jpg)

Once you have assigned all your columns you will click the “Confirm” button.

With your photos and data upload complete and properly assigned you can click the tab “2. Organize”.

2. Organise Your People

Choose how you would like to organise your people pages by selecting a group. Based on your uploaded data file you may see the following details and information on these groups: Grades, Teachers, Classes, and All. The detailed information for each group will show the average total number of people per page. This way it can make your choice little bit easier on what template to choose if you are limited to a number of templates per grade.

  • Choose a Template from our collection and click on the checkbox to select the group(s) you wish to flow on that template.
  • Click the "Apply to Selected Groups" button.
  • If you would like to apply a different template to your groups then click the "Select a Different Template" button.
    • For each group you can choose to organize by the following:
      • First or Last Name
      • Choose how your group will start when flowed: Left or Right page
      • If you have students with no photos you can choose a "No Photo Available" image you can choose to just leave the picture box blank if you know you will receive a photo of the student(s) on a later date.  Select the "Don't Include" option from the "Students without photo" drop down menu.
      • Note: You must apply a template to all groups before you can move onto the next step.

3. Preview Your Generated Pages

In this last step you will be previewing the people from each group that will flow on the template.  And lastly, you will click and drag each group to your pages on the right panel.  In each group you will see:
  • The name of the group
  • How many people are in the group
  • How many pages that needs to be placed for the group
Click on the "Assign Pages" button to begin.

You will see a small preview thumbnail of your template with a people icon on the top left corner.

Click on the icon to view the list of people that will appear on the generated page.  For each group your list will appear in alphabetical order so you can get a better idea of what students you're missing or which may be in the wrong group.  Once you are satisfied you can close the list.

Next click and drag the thumbnail onto your pages located on the right side.

Once you have assigned your templates to your pages you can close the People Pages window to view your generated templates.

Editing Your People Pages

Now that you have all of your templates generated and placed; you want to begin customizing your templates.  We've now made it possible for you to mass update your groups in one instance.  Click on one of your people or names in a group to begin.

Once a person is selected you will see new tools appear at the top left corner of your work station: a 'Crop' icon and "Edit Person Details" button.  Click on the "Edit Person Details" to begin.

A popup will appear with a preview of the student and their details.  Here you can make any corrections you choose.  You have the options to update:
  • Name
  • Grade
  • Teacher
  • Class
  • Photo File
You can make updates to further customise your templates:
  • Choose a new font
  • Adjust the font size
  • Choose a color for your font
  • Choose how you would like your names to appear (Alignment)
    • Left
    • Center
    • Right
  • Choose to apply your settings with the following options:
    • Apply text style to only this person.
    • Apply text style to everyone in this group.
    • Apply text style to everyone in this book.
With your settings in place click the "Apply Text Style" button to customise your placed templates. 
Note: You may want to go over your pages to make sure all students names appear as they should.  If a students' name has a lot of characters; you may need to readjust the size of your text box more.

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