Moving Pages

Moving Pages

Simple Move Pages vs Advanced Move Pages

You've completed personalising some or all of your pages but, you're not satisfied with the location of the page.  You can either use our simple or advanced page moves.

NOTE: this feature can only be used by staff members with Administrator status

When moving pages you should plan and think about the following:
  • Do I want to keep my page spread(s) whole?
  • Do I want a single page moved to a different location?

Simple Page Moves

Choose the option to do a simple page move to move an entire page spread quickly and easily while staff users work on their pages.  Inside the page designer click on the "Move Pages" option from your vertical menu on the left side of your work station.

A popup window will appear with a preview of your page spreads.  Click and drag the page spreads you wish to move into a new location.  Once you are finished click the "Confirm Page Moves" button at the bottom.  Click the "Reset Page Moves" to start over.  To move a single page in your spread click the "Advanced Page Moves" button on the left.

Advanced Page Moves

With the Advanced Page Moves function you can move a single page from one location to another. 
Note: In this option you can break a page spread.  If this is not desired then it is recommended to use the Simple Page Moves.
Unlike the Simple Page Moves no other user can be inside the page designer when using the Advanced Page Moves.  Page locks will set if this occurs preventing you from moving pages and/or entering in the page designer.  To unlock your pages go to "Manage Page Locks".  Click and drag your pages to their new desired locations to re-order or move.  There may be instances when you may bump pages from your ladder into an area we've labeled "Unused Pages / Scratch Area" at the bottom of your page.  If this happens you will need to replace this page back into the fold.  

Warning: If you commit your moves before replacing pages from the Unused Pages / Scratch Area; the page(s) will be deleted from your ladder.

You can also insert a blank page or delete pages from your ladder.  Hover your mouse over the pages.  An option to "Delete" or "Insert" button will appear.  Click the "Commit Page Moves" button to confirm your page moves.  Return to the Page designer by clicking on the "Back To Page Design" button.
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