How Many Words/Photos Do I Need for an Article?

How Many Words/Photos Do I Need for an Article?

An article can be comprised of a mix of text and photos – but how this is determined is entirely up to you or your contributor. 
To work out what the page could consist of:
  1. Look at your page plan and see how much space you have allocated to that article
  2. Check the word count table and see how many words or paragraphs the article would be comprised of if it was to be solely text (ie, no photos at all) 
  3. Check the photo vs word reduction table and note the number of words that relate to the size of each photo that you are thinking of adding to that page 
  4. Deduct the word or paragraph count per image from the original word or paragraph number to come up with the final word or paragraph count
If the article is to comprised entirely of photos, please refer to the photo count table 


A one-page article could be made up of any of the following: 

  • 5–7  paragraphs or 800 words (text only)
  • 6 paragraphs or 700 words plus 2 small photos
  • 3 paragraphs or 400 words plus 1 large and 2 medium photos
  • 1 paragraph or 200 words plus 6 medium photos

Word counts (text only articles – no photos)
Page size
Word count
Paragraph count
Two pages of A4
1/2 A4
1/4 A4

Photo vs Word reduction
(the number of words and paragraphs a photo replaces)
Photo size
0.5 of a paragraph
50 words
1 paragraph 
100 words
1.5 paragraphs 
200 words

Photo counts (photo only articles – no text)

Page size
Size of photos

Small to medium-sized photos
Medium to large-sized photos
Two pages of A4

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