How Do I Work Out the Order and How Many Pages to Allocate in the Page Plan?

How Do I Work Out the Order and How Many Pages to Allocate in the Page Plan?

Once you have worked out your list of content to be included, the next step is working out the order that the articles will appear in, and also how many pages to allocate to each article.

Article Order

In general: Articles that are more important are placed near the front of the yearbook.
For instance, the principal’s report is usually the first article and academic articles tend to come before co-curricular, etc.

How Many Pages Per Article?

Student participation numbers often indicate how many pages to allocate – the more students are involved, the more pages they are allocated.
For instance, the school production will usually have two pages whereas Ultimate Frisbee might only warrant a third of a page.
Once you have determined the order of importance, you can start filling out a page plan.

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