Content Submission Checklist

Content Submission Checklist

Before uploading the content to YOLO, please check the following:
  • A page plan has been sent
  • All content is/will be supplied (text and photos)
  • All content is supplied in a neat and logical directory structure and in appropriate folders
  • Only new content is being uploaded e.g. content is not being overwritten. If previously supplied content needs to be replaced this should be placed in a separate folder and YOLO be made aware of this
  • All content is supplied in the correct format
  • All content is correctly named
  • The text word count and number of photos sent is roughly the correct amount in relation to the allocated space
  • Photos are all above 500kb, and ideally above 800kb
  • All photos that are to be captioned have the caption wording as the filename
  • Content has been checked for continuity, spelling, grammar and appropriateness

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